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Custom Pet Portraiture by Lynn Culp

5 custom dog paintings

A great way to honor your furry friend
or pet remembrance.

illustration of canvas sizes

Custom Prices

A square canvas is most popular and usually looks best. Some images will work better on a rectangle shape, such as dogs with tall or long ears. Any size configuration available, size/prices not listed, write me.


How To Order

Email me up to 6 photos at high resolution (or send a CD, flash stick, photo prints which will be returned or online photo album page), indicate size or price range you are interested in purchasing. Send photos at actual size to maintain the image quality, the bigger the image the more detail I can see. (If you wish to have the painting framed, let me know and I will use a standard depth canvas of 3/4”).

Crops I'll crop the best photos for the strongest composition, rectangle or square format, and email the choices back for approval and finalize canvas size.

Invoice sent via PayPal, half or full deposit required. Payment can be by check or PayPal.

Painting completed, photos emailed for approval and any requested changes made.

Shipped Painting mailed.

Postage — Rates average $11 to $16 pending location and package size. Please include your zip code. Insurance included. Ships Priority Mail from Denver. Canada and International write for exact rates.

pair of dogs

Multiple pets — I often recommend one subject per canvas, it offers a more colorful presentation and larger heads since the image can wrap around 3 sides of the canvas. Plus you can mix or match canvas sizes and use photos from different angles. For 2 pets together, the photos need to be taken from the same viewpoint or it will not look natural. Shoulders can make it difficult to place the heads near to each other and often the dog must be smaller on the canvas. Not easy to get a pair that works well on a canvas together, but sometimes it does work.

husky mix commission painting of Honey